Weekday Wardrobe

Weekday Wardrobe 1


{Turtleneck: Free People via ASOS, Pants: Gap, Booties: Frye, Coat: J. Crew, Scarf: J. Crew}

What a crazy week it’s been! Sorry for being MIA on last week’s Weekday Wardrobe. I was planning on putting it together on Sunday night but after the Nike Women’s Half Marathon I was absolutely shattered! I was so tired I feel asleep on the couch, got up a couple hours later for a shower then promptly fell back asleep on the couch again! The half marathon was tough but I really did enjoy it – I’m writing a post on it as we speak to go up this week about how I found my first half marathon & what I’ll be doing differently next time. But after I finally got over the post-half marathon aches & pains, I came down with the flu! Typical right? Anyway, I’m finally over everything & I’m so ready to give it my all this week. I’m going head-first back into the gym & work & ready to really work hard this week before a lovely trip I’ve planned for Sunday – going South to visit an old friend at Kiama – there’ll be plenty of photos, trust me! I hope you all have a lovely week & I’ve got something a little different in store for my Friday posts – here’s hoping you like it!

Much love & thank you for stopping by, it really means the world to me!

Weekday Wardrobe 2


{Sweater: J. Crew, Jeans: Gap, Booties: Sam Edelman, Scarf: ASOS, Coat: Uniqlo}

Weekday Wardrobe 3


{Shirt: Gap, Pants: Gap, Booties: Sam Edelman, Coat: J. Crew, Lipstick: Nars ‘Barbara’}

Weekday Wardrobe 4

{Dress: ASOS, Sweater: Uniqlo, Coat: Uniqlo, Tights: Spanx, Booties: Michael Kors, Earrings: Baublebar}

Weekday Wardrobe 5

{Sweater: Uniqlo, Jeans: Gap, Booties: Frye, Scarf: Vintage Valentino, Coat: J. Crew}