101 in 1001 – Round 2

101 in 1001 second round

So I learned a few things during my first round of 101 in 1001 (with updates here, here and here). Sometimes I realised it just wasn't feasible to do things and that was disappointing but it was a good lesson on just accepting what you can't change or alter. For one thing - I wanted to go to a drive-in movie theatre but there's only one in Sydney and it's not in the best part of town :(.

I also realised that my list involved a lot of things that I had to spend money on! That was another challenge that I hadn't really anticipated when I put it together. But I also realised that I needed to actually focus on these goals if I wanted to achieve them. It sounds so obvious but it's one of those things that you don't realise until it's kind of too late. I really wanted to read a bunch of classic novels and I kind of put it off for so long that I never actually ticked that one off the list!

But now that I've come to the end of the first round of 101 in 1001 I've decided that it's probably the best kind of goal setting around and, honestly, I didn't do too badly - I achieved 72 out of my initial 101 goals! The best part about 101 in 1001 is that your goals can be as easy or as lofty as you like but you've got quite a lot of time to complete them. This time around I'm going to try and set less goals that involve spending money (!!) and really try to focus on achieving them so I'm not in some kind of huge rush in the end. So, without further ado, here are my goals...

Start Date: Sunday 20th May 2018
Finish Date: Sunday 14th February 2021

10/101 completed

Personal Development
1. Come up with a new lot of 101 goals
2. Reach my goal weight and feel healthy
3. Complete online MBA
4. See 10 Gallery/Museum exhibits {3/10 I visited the National Gallery of Victoria recently to see their amazing exhibit, as well as the Ian Potter Gallery for a reimagining of the historic exhibition 'The Field', and went to the opening of the Art Gallery of NSW's exhibition from the Hermitage}
5. Pay off credit card debt completely
6. Go to the movies by myself
7. Finish my book idea
8. Learn calligraphy/beautiful cursive writing
9. Attend a TED talk live (or attend TEDX in Sydney)
10. Stick to my budget (and make it habit)
11. Cook myself (and just myself!) a gourmet dinner as a treat 5 times {1/5 Cacio e Pepe Spirali}
12. Go one month without shopping (necessities excluded)
13. Read 10 self improvement books {2/10 The Yoga Body by Lola Berry, Your Best Year Yet by Kelly Exeter}
14. Beat my record of 72 goals completed from my last list
15. Donate $10 to charity for each incomplete goal
16. Put $10 into my savings account for every completed goal
17. Write a new 101 in 1001 list (my third!)

18. Go fruit picking
19. Visit a new country
20. Try 10 meals or food types that I've never eaten before {3/10 - Lobster Bisque at the Moana Surfrider's Veranda at the Beachhouse, Surf'n'Turf at Chuck's Cellar, Artichoke Flowers at Marta Osteria}
21. Take a vacation/weekend getaway with friends
22. Go skiing
23. Frame a wall-worthy map and mark the places I've visited
24. Go away at Christmastime instead of staying in Sydney
25. Try a meal/cooking delivery service {Done! I'm obsessed with Dietlicious, especially their home-delivered smoothies and salads!}
26. Go to a (supposedly) haunted place
27. Go on a sailboat
28. Take a surfing lesson
29. Watch the sunrise from somewhere new
30. Watch the sunset from somewhere new
31. Visit a lavender field
32. Take 3 cooking classes
33. Go camping (or at least glamping!)
34. Spend a summer by the beach
35. Go to a dancing class
36. See snow again (I've only seen it twice!)

37. Buy an apartment
38. Professionally photograph my apartment
39. Have my apartment photos featured online or in a magazine
40. Buy a piece of original art that I love
41. Get a real Christmas tree (at least one year!)
42. Throw a housewarming party
43. Set up my record player and play records again!
44. Invest in linen serviettes and bedlinen {Just bought the most beautiful set of bedlinen in navy linen}
45. Buy myself flowers at least 10 times
46. KonMari my entire wardrobe
47. Install a full-length mirror in my apartment
48. Revitalise an old piece of furniture
49. Organise my books by colour
50. Buy (and keep alive) house plants
51. Find a good solution for how to store/display my guitars
52. Go to the closest farmers market in my neighbourhood and cook a meal using my purchases

53. Complete a 30 day fitness challenge
54. Run (or jog, or even just walk!) the City2Surf
55. Make bringing my lunch to work 4 days per week (at least!) a regular thing {This is now easy thanks to the delicious meals I'm ordering from Dietlicious}
56. Go on at least one hike per season (4 per year) {Autumn 2018 - Diamond Head Hike}
57. Do Meatless Mondays for one month
58. Run a 5K
59. Do a yoga class at least twice a month
60. Invest in teeth whitening {Done! I had my teeth whitened just recently at Peach & Co}
61. Find out my blood type {Done! For the first time in my life I finally know what my blood type is - A Negative!}
62. Meditate daily for one month
63. Run an under-6-minute km
64. Try 5 workout classes I've never done before {1/5 - I recently tried the Yoga Flow/Meditation class at Yogabar and loved it! So calming}
65. Workout 5 days a week for a month
66. Run another half marathon
67. Figure out my skincare regimen for perfect skin
68. Get new glasses {Check out these Oscar Wylee beauties on my Instagram}

69. Upgrade my camera - new lens or new body {Just received my new camera body in the post today! A Sony A-6300! Can't wait to start shooting with it.}
70. Attend at least one blog-related conference or event
71. Host a giveaway on my blog
72. Start a weekday wardrobe post showcasing my daily outfits
73. Start making YouTube videos
74. Set up an editorial calendar and start properly planning my posts
75. Publish 5 "how-to" posts
76. Publish a guest-written post
77. Publish 20 recipe posts
78. Secure a sponsored job for a brand I really love
79. Create 5 different makeup tutorials
80. Get to 10,000 page views
81. Get to 10,000 followers on Instagram

Just For Fun
82. Hold a fondue night
83. Try 50 (more!) new recipes
84. Make pasta from scratch
85. Learn how to make 10 classic cocktails
86. Have a Melbourne Cup Day lunch
87. Host a dinner party at least once per season (4 per year)
88. Have a girls day/night out at least once per season (4 per year)
89. Have a fancy high tea
90. Carve a pumpkin for Halloween
91. Take a fun creative class in anything!
92. Invest in good makeup brushes (finally!) Just picked up these Sigma beauties from Sephora.
93. Go to 50 new-to-me restaurants/cafes {12/50 Chuck's Cellar, Maui Brewing Co, Bootsdarling, Son Of Frank, Elvis Pizza, The Kettle Black (Melbourne), Higher Ground (Melbourne), Fitzroy Social (Melbourne), The Supper Club (Melbourne), The European (Melbourne), The Apollo, Chiswick at the Gallery}
94. Invest in a beautiful black leather jacket {Bought a gorgeous one from Mango recently}
95. Read for 30 minutes every night for two weeks
96. Host a board games night
97. Go horse riding somewhere new
98. Drink champagne in the bath!
94. Invest in really good quality ballet flats {Done! My new favourites are these flats by French label, Repetto}
100. Try 5 trends that are out of my comfort zone
101. Say 'yes' to 5 things I'd normally say no to