101 in 1001 – Update III

So the last time I updated you all on my 101 in 1001 progress was way back in January of this year! So it’s high time for another update!

1. Come up with 101 things {done & recapped here}

2. Publish one new blog post every weekday for an entire month {done & recapped here}

3. Try 30 new restaurants {done & recapped here}

6. Go to at least 3 music concerts {done & recapped here}

{This above photo was when the company I work at – Jaxsta – signed a deal with the GRAMMYs – yep, those GRAMMYs!}

7. Get a job in the music industry – this is super exciting! Last year I finally got a job in the highly competitive Sydney music industry at Universal Music Publishing Group. Now, unfortunately, the job wasn’t actually all that great (lovely people etc, etc) but what happened next was amazing! I got a job at this amazing tech startup in the music industry called Jaxsta. We’ll be launching soon but keeps your eyes on this space.

9. Upgrade my camera to a fancy new one (& figure out how to use it) {done & recapped here}

17. Make planning my outfits for work the night before a habit {done & recapped here}

18. Create a budget for myself and stick to it – I am so notoriously bad for sticking to budgets. But this one totally works! It’s the 50:30:20 rule where 50% of your income is spent on bills, rent, etc, 30% is your ‘fun’ spending money and 20% is savings. Easy!

20. Run an actual 5K – I didn’t technically run a 5K. But I did run a half marathon – and that’s 21.1K! Now, I didn’t run the entire thing but I ran parts of it and I survived which is a feat all to itself in my books!

21. Do a spin class {done & recapped here}

23. Go a whole month without any chocolate {done & recapped here}

24. Work out for a minimum of 2 times per week for 2 months – I recently signed up with a personal trainer at my local gym and it’s been amazing. Whilst I’m not sure I’ll keep going (it’s quite exxy after all!) it’s been great to feel stronger and fitter all over!

25. Go a whole month without alcohol {done & recapped here}

26. Go to at least one new country {done & recapped here}

27. Have breakfast in bed {done & recapped here}

28. Go a week without wearing makeup {done & recapped here}

29. Cook a Christmas turkey {done & recapped here}

31. Make homemade pasta {done & recapped here}

32. Get at least 8 (if not 9!) hours of sleep every night {done & recapped here}

33. Get new glasses – I got my all time favourite glasses a few months ago from Oscar Wylee. They make some of the best glasses around and are crazy affordable! I love my perspex ones!

34. Invest in business cards for the blog {done & recapped here}

35. Go through ALL of my clothes & donate anything that needs donating {done & recapped here}

36. Throw my first proper dinner party – entree, main, dessert, signature cocktail, etc {done & recapped here}

37. Invest in a classic handbag – I recently purchased a vintage Chanel purse. Whilst I was initially in the market for a classic flap, this vintage one with it’s multiple strand chain strap and understated logo totally won me over. You can check it out here.

38. Make a drastic hair change – Done, about 3 times almost! Lately I’ve made the decision to take my hair back to it’s natural (if slightly elevated) state but this year alone I’ve cut a fringe and dyed it red for a while. Time to give it a break, I think!

39. Take in a show at Sydney Fashion Week – I recently took the Mothership and we went to an amazing afternoon/evening at Sydney Fashion Weekend to watch a couple shows and have some cheeky glasses of bubbles!

40. Visit a city I’ve never been to before {done & recapped here}

41. Send out Christmas cards one year {done & recapped here}

42. Try acupuncture – I tried this last year when I had some pain in my shoulder from a pulled muscle. It was quite the experience but I’m not entirely sure it actually helped the pulled muscle! I feel like acupuncture is a mind over matter therapy and maybe has a bit of a placebo effect on people. Either way, it was an experience!

45. Invest in the perfect little black dress – I recently picked up the most gorgeous black dress from J. Crew. It’s simple, elegant and perfect, can be dressed up or down and it’s one I’ll have for years to come!

46. Get a deluxe facial {done & recapped here}

47. Throw a surprise party for a friend – We recently threw a surprise 30th for one of our friends. His wife decided on the theme (aviation, as he’s a pilot) and it was quite the party! I went as an Air France hostess and spoke in a slightly off-kilter French accent all night!

48. Watch 4 Audrey Hepburn films – Some of these list items are quite funny and peculiar now that I’m reading them back so long after coming up with them. When I wrote the list, I realised I hadn’t ever seen an Audrey Hepburn film! So I figured that simply must change!

49. Do 5 original photoshoots for the blog – An easy one but a good one that I ticked off pretty early!

51. Go without red meat for a month {done & recapped here}

58. Get a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo Vara’s {done & recapped here}

59. Grow a house plant (& not let it die) {done & recapped here}

60. Get a new mobile phone (so desperately needed!) – I finally caved and got the new iPhone 8 Plus and it’s beyond amazing. Considering I was stuck on the 6 for a good six months past it’s use by date, the 8 is mindblowingly good!

61. Go on a road trip {done & recapped here}

63. Create a mini kitchen herb garden {done & recapped here}

64. Go to the outdoor cinema in summer {done & recapped here}

67. Have an article published (in a magazine or online) {done & recapped here}

68. Invest in beautiful stationery – I picked up the most gorgeous new business cards a little while ago and I picked up beautiful gold and perspex desk essentials from Kikki K .

69. Buy another pair of Christian Louboutins {done & recapped here}

70. Buy & wear a real gown to an important event {done & recapped here}

72. Go horse riding again – I had an amazing time riding at Glenworth Valley with a girlfriend a little while ago!

74. Make pizza from scratch {done & recapped here}

75. Do a professional photoshoot – We did professional photos in the office for our website a little while ago and they look amazing!

76. Make delicious goodies to give to friends & family for Christmas {done & recapped here}

78. Get a spiralizer & make zucchini pasta regularly to cut down on dinnertime carbs {done & recapped here}

81. Meal plan at least my breakfast, lunch & snacks every day for a month {done & recapped here}

82. Learn First Aid – I spent a day doing a First Aid course a little while ago in order for me to be a First Aid Officer for my work. I can now save someone (within reason)!

83. Bake a cake & decorate it with fondant {done & recapped here}

85. Indulge in a whole day at a spa {done & recapped here}

86. Try a juice detox – Done. I have to admit, this was actually pretty terrible and I felt crap. I unfortunately read too much about the downsides and actual lack of benefits of a juice cleanse and was so not motivated!

87. Get a Burberry trench coat – The original and the best! I picked one up from Vestiaire Collective, my new favourite place for vintage designer pieces.

88. Celebrate Thanksgiving for the first time {done & recapped here}

89. Try at least 50 new recipes {done & recapped here}

90. Buy a pair of classic black ballet flats to replace my old ones {done & recapped here}

91. Have breakfast at Tiffany’s (otherwise known as eating a croissant outside the one in the city) – This was super fun!

92. See the Christmas lights & windows at David Jones {done & recapped here}

93. Try at least eight new hairstyles – This got a little tricky when I cut my hair short but I still made it work!

94. Cook a meal using only produce bought from the Farmer’s Market {done & recapped here}

95. Have a lobster dinner {done & recapped here}

96. Start a gallery wall – I’ve made leaps and bounds with the wall in my office! It started with an original print of a photograph of Keith Richards (perfect for a music company!) and I’ve added to it with a Prada Marfa print and other pieces.

97. Bake Christmas sugar cookies from scratch {done & recapped here}

98. Get a luxurious massage {done & recapped here}

Considering that my 1001 days are due to end in March of next year I feel like there’ll only be one more update before the end of it – from the above it looks like I’ve still got a ways to go!