20 Ways to Reward Yourself Every Week

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You know, it really is important to reward yourself. Life is full of so many challenging aspects & trying times that when something good happens (you nail that PB on your daily run, get a promotion at work or just need a reward for keep on keeping on) you just got to treat yourself! So, without further ado, here is a list of easy, inexpensive things you can do to reward yourself:

  1. Watch a movie in bed. Pick out your favourite flick, get in your cosiest pyjamas & grab a bowl of popcorn & make it a perfect night in!
  2. Get a manicure. Either home-made or at a spa, a manicure is so relaxing & leaves with gorgeous nails to boot!
  3. Get yourself some new workout clothes. I always feel super motivated on my run or at my yoga class in some new fashionable threads!
  4. Take a cooking class. My favourites are held at Williams-Sonoma where I took a fantastic class where we made a delicious Autumn Brunch with poached eggs, smoked salmon & crab cakes. Yum!
  5. Pick up some fresh, seasonal flowers. They always brighten up every room & if they have a beautiful scent will fill your home with fresh floral fragrances.
  6. Save a little money every week & buy yourself a vacation! Whether its just a weekend away in the mountains or a big tropical vacay, you’ll be reminded every week!
  7. New shoes! Ok so maybe not a weekly thing but I know that new shoes always make me crazy happy!
  8. Indulge in a beautiful soak in the bath. Add in some bubbles or a bath bomb & just relax for a while.
  9. Binge your favourite Netflix show over a quiet weekend. Have any of you started watching ‘Stranger Things’?! I finished it in two goes a couple weekends ago & it’s seriously good!
  10. Get into nature.  Go for a hike & really immerse yourself in the fresh air & beautiful sights & sounds of nature.
  11. Breakfast out! Need I say more? One of my favourite meals to have out at a cafe, it’s such a nice way to treat yourself.
  12. Have a sneaky midweek wine. I normally try to stay wine-free Mon-Thurs unless I’m going out to dinner or an event. But sometimes it’s so nice to just have a glass of wine midweek!
  13. Try a brand new recipe. I don’t know about you, but I love to try out a new recipe for my friends or family. It’s so good to see their happy faces as they eat a delicious meal (not so good if the recipe’s not too flash but thankfully that doesn’t happen too often!).
  14. Or, alternatively, cook your favourite meal. There’s something about eating homemade spaghetti bolognese just like your Dad makes!
  15. Start a new book. I love to read & sometimes there’s nothing better than starting a new novel & getting really stuck into it!
  16. Catch a movie. I absolutely love going to the movies. It’s such great escapism. I try & go at least a few times a month because I can get cheap tickets through my work but if you can’t do that, look into buying books of cinema vouchers – they often come in much cheaper than buying them individually.
  17. Call a friend or family member. Someone you don’t talk to all that often will make the call that much more rewarding.
  18. Have a glass of champagne. You’re celebrating, remember? Why the hell  not!
  19. Listen to your favourite music. Going for a long drive or bored on the morning commute? Chuck on your favourite tunes & belt it out with the best of them!
  20. Retail therapy! I’m a fashion & lifestyle blogger after all!
  • Taking a cooking class is always so fun! Great list )

    the way to my Hart

  • Sister Tales

    Ok this was a super fun blog for me! I was reading your list and in my head I’m going “check..check..not check..” and I loved to find out that I was doing some of these things already and have been treating myself all along! However I didn’t get to check off the entire list so I will be working on that. Loved this blog for it was like a little quiz for me!
    xoxo, Simona and Indre


    • Thank you so much for stopping by Simona & Indre! I’m so glad you were able to find some ideas here on how to reward yourself even more! Xoxo