5 Easy Steps To Travelling In Style

Ever look at Instagram and see those impossibly stylish jetsetters swanning through airports and wondered how on earth they manage to look so good right after getting off the plane? Ok, you're in for a treat, because I have found 5 super simple ways to let you achieve #airportgoals as well!

Simplify your makeup

Skip any and all heavy foundations and instead go for a seriously hydrating serum (my favourite is this Sunday Riley one) and a tinted moisturiser - Laura Mercier makes theĀ bestĀ one around. Plane air is extremely low in humidity which is why it's so drying so pack a hydrating facial spray, mascara and lip balm and you'll look a million bucks when you step off the plane.

Travel in style

Go for socks

Is there anything worse than having to take your shoes off and walk barefoot through security? Ew, I don't think so. Instead go for nice warm socks so you don't catch a cold on the plane and stylish shoes that slip on - think beautiful boots with a low heel.

Avoid anything with buckles

Again with that airport security. Avoid anything with buckles and you can cut down on the time you spend going through airport security and have way more time to do a bit of duty free shopping or look for a quality latte (hard to find in an airport, believe me!). Go instead for an easy t-shirt, high-end yoga pants like these ones and a cashmere cardigan for travelling in style.

travel in style 2

Cut down on your jewellery

Keep your accessories to a minimum because, once again, they're all going to have to come off and go back on again when you go through security. Instead, invest in a beautiful leather jewellery case and pack it in your carry-on!

It's all about layers

Is it just me or are planes either stiflingly hot or freezing cold? There is literally no in between and it appears to be irrespective of weather or season. To combat this, layers are essential. Go for a comfortable look with a blanket scarf for extra warmth and a luxe tank top if you need to cool off.


Now go forth and travel! And make sure you snap a photo of yourself strutting through LAX like the off-duty model that you 100% are!