5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Exercise Motivation

Ok so I’ll be the first to admit that when it gets cold out, all I want to do is stay in bed, snuggled up all nice & toasty with my down duvet & my cats. But, health beckons. So we exercise. It can be hard, especially in winter, to motivate yourself to get your running gear on & get out there. So here are my tips on how to motivate yourself to get your blood pumping!

Get your hands on some gorgeous new gear. I know for a fact that when winter hits suddenly my gym gear always seems far too brief to cope with the sometimes ice-cold ferry home. So the best thing to get you in the mood is to do a bit of shopping. I personally love Fabletics workout gear – it’s fashion-forward, performs well & is durable.

Make some body-baring plans for the warmer months. For me & my family every summer we take a 1 to 2 week holiday somewhere tropical. For the past 5 years we’ve gone to Phuket, Thailand, & before that we used to go to Noosa & Coffs Harbour in Australia. This year we’re branching out & heading off to Waikiki Beach, Hawaii. I am beyond excited & plan to look my best when I get there!

Try something new! I often do my best indoor workouts when it’s cold outside – hitting the pavement doesn’t seem all that enticing when it’s freezing cold! Although I have my gym favourites, winter is frequently when I start to dip my toes in a different pond so to speak. I’m taking spin classes, pilates, aerial yoga, the list goes on. In fact, this year, I’m thinking about taking on Class Pass which, for a low monthly subscription, allows you to try an almost unlimited number of workout classes! Now that sounds enticing!

See yourself progress. Give yourself a challenge & write down your progress. This can be especially motivating & always is for me. You could try to build up the kg’s in the weights room or see how many sets of push ups or Russian twists you can do. Really push yourself & maybe do a month-long challenge that focuses on one move or one body area. It’s always extremely motivating to see yourself get better at something!

Simply make it routineThis is a big one for me. I joined a gym as an old ankle injury makes running on the pavement a bit too painful & injury-inducing, but finding the right time to go was a challenge. Going in the morning kind of worked but I was always cutting my workouts short so I could shower before work or to catch up on sleep. Going at lunch time is simply not an option – I like to look presentable at work & I can’t see the economical benefit of putting on twice as much makeup every day. So after work it was! I’ve since changed up my shower-time to the evenings & things are definitely becoming more routine. It makes the once-often mental struggle of should I go?/should I just go home? non-existant. #winning

What are your tips on motivating yourself to exercise? I’d love to hear them!