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All About Lucie...

Blush & Bordeaux is a source of inspiration, motivation and aspiration that covers everything from fashion and beauty, to living and travel. I hope to encourage women world-wide to reach their fullest potential, whether it's mastering a tricky cats-eye liner, nailing this season's trend or surprising your nearest and dearest with a top-notch 3 course meal!

I started Blush & Bordeaux back in 2013 as an outlet for my creative side (and especially to live out my fashion dreams!). But what started as a place for me to just corral my various loves, be it cooking, high heels or red lipsticks, B&B quickly turned into something else. I suddenly realised I not only wanted to post pictures, I wanted to inspire my readers. I wanted to reach out to other women in the world just like me - professional, working women - who wanted to be able to do more in their lives. Curate their closets and outfits with more imagination, re-work trends to fit real life (and real women's figures!), cook up a storm more often with healthy and delicious recipes, boost their beauty game, find time in their day for improving health and wellness, and travel more! All of these things can most definitely be done - even if you're working full time, like I am - I'll show you how, right here on Blush & Bordeaux!

If you're still curious, I've put together a little FAQ for you all! Feel free to send me an email with any other questions you might have at any time at lucienneoconnor@gmail.com

Who Am I & Where Do I Live:

I'm Lucie and I'm living in Sydney, Australia.

What Was The Inspiration For Starting My Blog:

I wanted to share my fashion finds with people - especially since I was being asked at my band's shows where I bought my boots! Being the only girl in the group, meant I took a lot of pride in selecting what I would wear for each performance both onstage and off. You can find my music here if you're interested. I no longer play in a band, but I'm still recording!

How Did I Come Up With The Name 'Blush & Bordeaux':

That was a tricky one. I wanted a name that meant a lot of different things to me and to others. I feel the word 'Blush' can mean the makeup (obvs!), the colour and an emotion whilst 'Bordeaux' can refer to the location in France, the wine and brings to mind cooking & socialising with friends. So those two words to me encapsulate everything that this blog is about: fashion, beauty, food, travel and all things lifestyle.

What Do I Do When I'm Not Blogging:

I consider myself a super creative person. I do have a day job, working at Jaxsta, an amazing music tech start-up company that takes up so much of my time (which I'm totally happy about!). I'm a songwriter in my spare time and I'm hoping to release my first album soon, so watch this space for more information. You can find out more about my music, as well as listen to my songs here. I also love to write and have written a couple of young adult novels, you can find them here. I'm currently working on another creative project that you'll hear about soon!

What Did I Study:

I went to JMC Academy, a private college in Sydney that specialises in music, and did a Bachelor of Music: Contemporary Music and Performance, followed by a Diploma of Entertainment Business Management.

Who Takes My Photos & What Type of Camera Do I Use:

I'm totally okay to admit that my mum usually takes my outfit photos! She has a pretty great eye for catching the light and framing the picture. All other photos are taken by me. We use a Sony NEX-6 with a 1.8 f-stop lens.

How Tall Am I:


Flats or Heels:

I'm 5'3. Nine times out of ten, it's heels.

What Inspires Me:

I'm constantly getting inspired. I follow a lot of other inspiring blogs and photographs of fashion icons past and present are also a huge inspiration. My style has definitely changed over the years but I'm always on the lookout for a new great pair of heels! I also love to keep up to date with the latest trends but I'm more interested in making them work for my body and my existing wardrobe rather than just buying into them on impulse. I believe in quality over quantity and  whenever I have a specific purchase in mind, I try on almost every iteration until I find the one that's right for me - this works especially well for heels and jeans, let me tell you!

Do I Offer Advertising & Sponsorship Packages:

Sure do! Shoot me an email at lucienneoconnor@gmail.com and I can happily send you my media kit. Unfortunately I can't respond to emails of a super personal nature or I'd be at it all day!

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