Anatomy of a Cheese Board

Cheese Board 2

Anyone who knows me knows that I have a serious love affair with cheese. It’s literally one of my favourite things. I don’t discriminate either. Every cheese is welcome – goats cheese, brie, camembert, blue, gorgonzola, cheddar, gouda, ricotta (I know, the list goes on). So, when Mother’s Day rolled around I knew I wanted to create something the Mothership would love. A nice cheese board. But, I wanted to do this for dinner. So it had to be pretty epic. So here we have my guide to creating the ultimate cheese board.

Cheese Board 1

First of all you’ll need some veggies.

I know what you’re thinking. Back up, I thought this was a post about cheese boards?!

It is. But most cheese boards often don’t include anywhere near enough veggies to really make them a viable option for dinner & that’s what we want right? Cheese for dinner. So grab some beautiful heirloom tomatoes & dutch carrots, pop them on baking trap & sprinkle with olive oil & herbs (tomatoes) & a drizzle of honey (carrots) & bake them for a little while until they look like this:

Cheese Board 5

Now how could you say no to that?! ^^

Now for the cheese. You’ll want a decent selection. I chose a beautiful crumbly cheddar, herbed goats cheese, blue cheese & a camembert.

Cheese Board 9

Pop them, still in their wrapper, on the cheese board/s where you want them (like the top photo). That way you can figure out how to lay out the rest of your board. I also picked out these delicious, marinated Sicilian olives. To keep things fair & equitable, with something like olives (& the veggies) see if you can’t divide them between two ends of the spread. That way people won’t be reaching for things!

Cheese Board 3

You’ll want to have a bit of meat as well. There’s a lot of protein going on with all of that cheese but it’s good to have something like this prosciutto to cut through the richness of the cheese. It also pair well in the same bite with a bit of cheddar or camembert!

Cheese Board 6

I like to have options on the cheese board so I picked out a beautiful, fresh baguette & pre-chopped the end of it so the Bossman & the Mothership didn’t have to chop it up as soon as they started.

Cheese Board 8

Another option were these artisan crackers flavoured with pistachio & rosemary. They’re seriously so tasty but I can’t remember the brand name I’m sorry! Other flavours that always work well on a cheese board is a fruit based paste like this fig paste. A pate is another great addition to round out the flavours.

Cheese Board 7

Finally, what you’ll want to do is make sure everything has it’s own little place on the cheese board/s. I used three different boards for this dinner, a hexagonal one & two rectangular ones – one of which was short & the other long. I made sure there weren’t any large gaps that could have been filled by crackers or an extra dish of olives.

Cheese Board 10

Finally it was all laid out & you can see all of the different flavours, from the bottom to the top: prosciutto, roast carrots, goats cheese, olives, baguette, blue cheese, crumbly cheddar, roast heirloom tomatoes, artisan crackers, fig paste, pate & camembert.

Perfection, if you ask me. But then, I love cheese so anything with cheese is perfection if I’m being honest.

Cheese Board 12

Another shot because cheese.

Try it for yourself! A cheese board can totally be a proper dinner. Just add in some veggies & protein & it’s almost a well-rounded meal!