Behind The Blog: 25 Things

25 Things About Me

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I thought it might be a fun idea to tell you all 25 things about me that I haven’t really shared on my blog! The weather’s really horrible at the moment so I haven’t been able to get out to do any outfit posts. I hope you enjoy the post! Let me know if you agree with me on any of these things!

1.  I absolutely love horror movies. They’re my favourite type of film to watch – especially in the cinema where you can hear all of the creepy low frequency sounds. I have one particular friend who always goes to see them with me & we critique them for hours afterwards.

2. I’ve never been stung by a bee & I’m kind of terrified I’ll find out I’m deathly allergic when it inevitably happens.

3. One of my biggest pet peeves is when I say ‘How are you?’ to someone & they reply with ‘I’m good.’ without asking how I’m doing. Call me crazy but steam comes out my ears when this happens! Common courtesy people!

4. Since I used to play in a band, I needed a car with a big enough trunk to carry amps, drumkits & all of those sorts of music things. Now that I’m no longer in a band, I simply can’t bring myself to part with my way-too-big automobile even though it’s impossible to reverse park.

5. I used to love flying but in the last year I’ve actually become a bit of a nervous flyer…

6. I love riding horses & went to boarding school in the country for my first two years of high school by choice because it had its own equestrian centre. I still go riding when I can out in the country at a place near Bathurst called Yarrabin. We went there not long ago, check out my posts here & here.

7. Even though I’m well & truly an adult, I still get way too excited about Christmas. It’s just that now I get giddy about Starbucks Christmas cups & sparkly high heels!

8. Although I worked in TV I still wholeheartedly believe in the magic of television. So much so that I always turn down visits to TV sets so it doesn’t spoil the show for me.

9. I love to cook & bake but for about ten (10!!!) years we didn’t have an oven! So I was doing everything in this dinky little microwave oven. Now that we have our new lovely Miele, you can’t keep me out of the kitchen!

10. I’m an aural learner. I have to listen to someone explain how to do something. Reading notes just never helps me!

11. I recently discovered chai lattes & now I’m addicted. No joke, I’m 25 years old & I only had my first one a few weeks ago!

12. I have a lovely collection of high heels but I just can’t walk miles in them like some ladies can. When I commute to work & back, I’m always wearing my fave Nikes or sandals instead!

13. I used to be the biggest anti-morning person ever & working 12 noon to 9pm at my old job didn’t help! But since I’ve joined the rest of the 9 to 5-er’s I can’t even sleep in past 7am! You can definitely change from being a not-morning person into one. I’m proof!

14. Even though I consider myself a hard person to scare (see number 1 in this list), I scare myself silly at night sometimes. All it takes is for me to be lying in bed half asleep & to hear a strange noise in my room (which is undoubtedly just one of my cats) & my heart is racing a mile a minute!

15. My favourite chocolate is Cherry Ripe – for those who are unfamiliar with this delicious treat, it’s a dark chocolate bar with ‘cherry’ & coconut on the inside. Scrumptious!

16. I always give my cats ‘people’ names but they always end up with funny nicknames which morph into other nicknames! Ronnie got the nickname Bunny because she bounces around like a rabbit. Somehow this changed into Barnsey which then changed to Barnza & finally to Garbarnza Bean. Don’t even ask. I don’t know how this happens. Update: Ronnie’s nickname has now morphed again. It’s moved to Barna Bean, Banana Bean & Banana Queen. It’s evolution people. You can’t stop progress.

17. My favourite modern-day Hollywood actresses are Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johannson, Meghan Markle & Shay Mitchell.

18. I always try to educate myself on wines & good pairings. I guess I’m probably a little bit of a wine snob when I say that my favourite drop is this one specific Bordeaux called Mouton Cadet…

19. Most people think I’m purely a cat-person because I have three of them but I don’t discriminate against dogs! I’m an all-animals-person!

20. I’m a list fiend. I love making lists. Especially shopping lists. At the moment I have separate shopping lists for winter clothes, summer clothes & clothes for my upcoming tropical holiday.

21. I consider myself a pretty creative person. I’m always starting new projects or writing stories. I just have to work harder on finishing them! I’ve had two ebooks published – they’re stories about horses that younger girls will love – you can find them here & here.

22. Chicago is one of my favourite cities. I fell in love with the place when I travelled there in 2011 & I can’t wait to go back some day.

23. Nothing relaxes me more than sitting down to watch my favourite TV shows. What I’m loving right now: Supernatural (an oldie but a goodie), The Flash, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead & Quantico (this new one is definitely one to watch!).

24. Williams-Sonoma is my happy place. I could spend hours in there looking at every little thing.

25. Coffee is something I just can’t live without. When I first started drinking it I tried mochas a few times but I really didn’t like the taste & I thought I’d be one of those strange people who don’t drink coffee at all! But then I tried my coffee black & without any sugar & that was it! I was a convert. As they say, once you go black you never go back!

 With Love & Sparkles