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It’s no secret that lately I can’t stop wearing this sweater. I absolutely love the slouchy fit & the waffle-style knit & the colour is divine! When I first found out which colours suited me (through House of Colour) I was pretty ready to go shopping! I’m a vibrant Autumn & the types of colours that suit me include the rich plum colour of this sweater, deep reds & oranges, luscious greens & of course, the colour that dominates my wardrobe – blue & navy. Whilst at first you wouldn’t consider me a typical Autumn (most don’t have light coloured eyes) the colours suit like nothing else.

I often see posts on other blogs about finding out which season you are & I have to have a bit of a laugh. It honestly has nothing whatsoever to do with your hair colour or skin colour. It’s got everything to do with your skin undertone & what shades look best against you. Most typical Autumns would have tanned skin, brown hair & hairs or be bright redheads, Joan Holloway style. But just because your colouring falls into one of those categories does not necessarily mean you’ll be an Autumn. The best thing you can do to try & figure out what colours suit you (& trust me, it’s worth it’s weight in gold!) is to see a stylist & hold up a piece of fabric in every shade under the sun. You’ll start to realise that either warm or cool colours suit you & then you’ll immediately see which of the colours in those categories work even better! For me & my mum (it was a mother’s day present to go & “get our colours done”) we both suit warm colours but I suit the rich browns & greens of Autumn whereas she looks great in the pastels of Spring. Another thing about your colours? They’ve got nothing to do with genetics although usually mothers & daughters will suit warm or cool colours – they generally don’t differ there.

So, in short, definitely go get your colours done (even though it sounds so old-fashioned) & don’t believe everything you read online about them!

{Jacket: ASOS, Turtleneck: Free People via ASOS, Jeans: H&M, Sneakers: Converse, Crossbody: Michael Kors}

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