Contributor for Career Girl Daily!

Career Girl Daily

So you might have seen this Instagram on the weekend. Well, I’ve got big news for you guys…

I’m now a contributing writer for the amazing website, Career Girl Daily! This website is seriously brilliant for all you working girls out there. It’s full of fantastic articles & tips on how to up your game in the career world, give the best job interview ever, get that raise you’ve been dying for and become a respected leader in the workplace. As well as that, there are tons of great articles on fashion, beauty, travel & living well, not to mention a whole heap of inspiring personal posts such as this one.

I started visiting & reading articles on Career Girl Daily, a few months ago now & I really wanted to get involved with the website. I felt like a lot of the articles were talking to me directly! So I emailed the lovely Beth who got me writing articles & the rest is history!

I would be thrilled if you would jump over to my author page here & check out the articles I’ve written so far – I think you’ll find them super helpful & really beneficial, both in the workplace & out. As well, make sure you keep Career Girl Daily in your favourites or – do what I do – & download their free app! I’m sure you’ll love my articles as well as the other amazing tips & tricks on CGD!

P.S. The reason I was so happy in that Instagram is that I set myself a goal a few months ago with my blogging. Every couple of days Bloglovin’ sends out an email with a whole heap of fantastic articles & posts that the Bloglovin’ team have curated. My goal was to have a post listed in that email. Now, whilst I’m a little bummed it wasn’t a Blush & Bordeaux post, what was even better was that my post for CGD was featured in this email at the very top with a huge photograph! Goal = accomplished. Now onto even bigger ones!