Country Sunshine, Orange Roadtrip

Road trip 13

{The sun peeks through the canopy of eucalypts on the road to Orange}

So I really should have posted these ages ago but I figured they’d be worth the wait! Here are the rest of the photographs from my winter road trip over the Blue Mountains to Orange & back!

Road trip 14

{A lone, bare poplar. These are absolutely gorgeous come springtime but are still hauntingly beautiful in the colder months.}

Road trip 15

{When I reached O’Connell, which is just out of Bathurst, I decided it was definitely time for a pick-me-up. So I stopped into Mayfield Gardens which you might remember from this post &  this post. They have a delightful little cafe where I popped in to get an old fashioned style lemonade which definitely washed away all of the road dust & an absolutely delicious completely homemade caramel slice!}

Road trip 16

{While I was at Mayfield Gardens, I had to take a snap of their adorable, wintry pumpkin collection!}

Road trip 17

{They also have the most fabulous selection of home grown & home made jams, relishes & pickled vegetables. While I was there I picked up a truckload of lovely things to take back to the city for my friends!}

Road trip 18

{While I was at Mayfield Gardens I glanced up at the bright blue skies before getting into the car again. The skies seem so much larger out in the country than they do in the city. Plus the clouds are fantastic!}

Road trip 19

{Back out on the road I made a couple more friends!}

Road trip 20

{This section of the road is my favourite part of the journey. There is a camping ground a little further along but it’s always packed with camper vans & tourists, but this little section is completely empty & I think, even more beautiful! It’s so peaceful & calm. I try to think about this spot when I’m getting a little bit stressed back in the city.}

Road trip 21

{Another shot of this beautiful river…}

Road trip 22

{Across the road from the river, the land slopes upward with a stand of bare branches creating patterns across the bright blue sky.}

Road trip 23

{As always, the Australian sun shined down on me the entire way! It was the middle of winter but I was so warm!}

Road trip 24

{One last photo of the rolling hills of the Australian countryside. If you ever get the chance to visit, make sure you take a drive out to the country. This is only one drive, there is so much more country to see!}