DIY – Inspiration Board


I am such a big believer in inspiration boards & the motivation they can give us. Visualization is such a powerful mental tool & no, I’m not talking about The Secret. I personally think that visualizing things will not make them magically appear on your doorstep. The Universe does not just give you things because you obsessively think about them! But what I do believe in is reminding yourself of what you think is important in life. Photos are the best way to do this as the human brain can associate so many more feelings, phrases & actions to a photo than to a sentence. I wanted to show you how I create my inspiration board & hopefully inspire you to do the same & find your creativity & the thoughts, ideas & places that move you!


What you’ll need:
Pinboard, cork board, basically a board that you can pin photos to & hang or lean (I found mine here)
Photos (you can print them out yourself on photo paper or get them printed up – personally I love mine to be on good quality photo paper as the colours are so much deeper)


Start arranging your photos on the pinboard. I like to print out fewer, larger photos with some smaller ones & create two rows of the larger photos with the smaller photos in between. Once you’ve figured out where you want everything, start pinning!


I think the real trick in creating a strong & impactful inspiration board is all in how you choose the photos. I like to make sure they are all using similar colours so there’s no big difference between the colour palettes. Personally, I don’t use any black & white photographs in my inspiration – I feel colours make the images more powerful to me, but it’s totally up to you.


I also choose a number of topics & stick with that. So above you can see my completed inspiration board! I often redo my inspiration board every six months with updated goals & challenges & this time around mine is centred on health, happiness, travel & investment pieces. It definitely speaks to me every morning when I see it first thing!


I place mine on top of my bookshelf (which incidentally holds my shoes!), but it’s right in front of my diary & in between my perfumes & makeup so I see it pretty regularly – that’s the trick! You want the photos to inspire you to achieve your goals & seeing them regularly will make you even more committed.

If you like any of the photos I’ve used, you can find them all on my Pinterest board here.

I’d love to know if any of you use inspiration boards – let me know in the comments!