Facing Up

Facial 1

Who doesn’t love a good facial? I know I am such a sucker for a bit of pampering! Now they often say you should indulge in a facial at least once a month. I don’t who these experts are directing their advice at but I definitely don’t have the spare cash or even the spare time to go & get a facial every month at the beauty spa! (I think it’s called having a social life…) So, what I thought I’d do for you all today is show you my steps to having the most luxurious at-home facial imaginable!

Now whilst I’m a little dubious about all-natural make-up products, when it comes to skincare, all-natural is definitely the way to go. The products are so much gentler on skin & you feel better inside knowing the ingredients are natural & (a big plus in my books) all of the products used in the post are animal friendly!

Facial 2

First thing’s first though – take off all that make-up!! I just used any old make-up remover. They all do pretty much the same thing & I kind of can’t bear spending a ton of money on something I’ll be taking off two seconds after I put it on!

Facial 3

Next up is cleansing. Pump out some cleanser – this Moreish one is a real winner for me – & gently rub it in circles over your face & neck before wiping off with damp cotton circles. Now the trick here is to do it twice! Same reason you’d shampoo your hair twice – first to get rid of any lingering make-up & secondly to actually clean your skin.

Facial 4

But be gentle! No tugging or pulling with those cotton circles.

Facial 5

Next up is exfoliator. I used this delicious Sukin Facial Scrub.

Facial 6

Now don’t let the name of the product fool you here. You don’t want to literally scrub your skin. Simply moving your fingers over your face with the scrub will easily slough away dead skin & brighten up your visage. Plus the gentler you are, the longer you can massage your face with this amazing product!

Facial 7

After exfoliating you’ll want to pop a mask on your skin to make the most of your brand new dermis. I will happily recommend this Burts Bees Intense Hydration Mask which feels & smells so good.

Facial 8

Don’t be stingy!! Unless you have pimple/acne prone skin & are using a clay mask or similar to really purify your skin, go hard or go home with your mask. Really layer it on. The purifying masks can be a bit hectic if you’re too liberal but anything hydrating or soothing will feel that much nicer when you have half a kilo on your face.

Facial 9

Now relax! Keep that mask on & chill the hell out. Have a quick bath maybe or a cup of tea. My idea of relaxing is having one of these fragrant Pukka teas & binging Daredevil on Netflix. But, you know, each to their own.

Facial 12

After you’ve finished your epic chillout session, wipe the mask off with damp cotton circles & then it’s toner time. I absolutely love a spray toner like this one from Trilogy. A spray makes everything so much quicker in the mornings & feels so refreshing on your skin. If you’re worried about getting it in your hair simply spray it on a cotton circle & wipe that on your face (I’m kind of addicted to cotton circles, I’m not going to lie – I should buy shares!).

Facial 10

Then immediately pop some serum on, like this Moreish one. It’ll sink right in and leave you glowing, like this:

Facial 11

Now of course I can’t guarantee anything here, but this is what my skin looked like after the mask & after putting on the toner & serum. No photoshopping, no filters, no nothing. Those three products are insanely good, like immediate-results-good.

Facial 13

Now if you’re doing this facial in the morning & you’ll be heading out later it would be remiss of me not to recommend something without SPF in it, so try this Puretopia moisturizer. I’ve been using it for the past few weeks & absolutely love it! But since I wasn’t planning anything for the rest of the day (except maybe some more Daredevil on Netflix) I went with this fabulous luscious night cream from Sukin.

Facial 14

Let your skin soak up the moisturizer & after everything you’ve put it through with the cleansing & exfoliating it’ll sink right in immediately!

Facial 15

Finish off with some eye cream – this A’kin one is sublime!

Facial 16

Be super gentle whenever you’re putting eye cream on as this is the thinnest skin on your face & any pulling or tugging can cause puffiness or dark circles. Gently tap your fingers & stroke the skin under your eyes moving outwards as you go.

Facial 17

And now you’re done! This is how my skin looked at the end of my at-home facial – easily as good & glowing as after a salon one & definitely friendlier to the environment & my furry friends! Try it out for yourself!

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 6.55.41 pm

  • Oh my! Your skin looks perfect. I’ll do any facial if my skin can look like yours. :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

    • Thank you Carmen! This was definitely done on a good day that’s for sure! But I promise no Photoshopping whatsoever! I find that all-natural products can work so much more than the ones filled to the brim with chemicals!

  • You are such a beauty! I most definitely need to try this at home facial!

    • Oh thank you Megan! That’s so sweet of you to say! Yes, definitely try this, you’ll love the results. xx

  • Your skin is absolutely glowing here! I’ll be trying this for sure!