Favourite Lipstick Shades

Lipstick Guide 1

New lipsticks

These are a few of my favourite lipsticks and, yes, most of them are by Chanel. I have to admit that while I’ll happily save money on optional extras like CC cream, makeup setting spray and shimmer, I’ll splurge on the important stuff. And Chanel make the best lipsticks. By far. I always wear lipstick when I perform onstage and I need something that will definitely go the distance. These are my favourites. And, personally, I think the colours every girl needs in her makeup drawer. Unfortunately the pale pink and the peach have been discontinued but Chanel has brought out new colours that are very similar. The orange is actually incredibly wearable and versatile – it’s great with a tee and jeans! The Dior pink is fabulous and fun for any night out and the Estee Lauder plum is so edgy.