Friday Favourites

Friday Quote 2

{I love this quote. It’s so important to accept the things you can’t change & not dwell or worry about them too much! Sometimes it’s best to just sleep on it & tackle it in the morning.}

First of all, the Nordstrom Sale starts this week! If you’re lucky enough to be a Nordstrom debit/credit card holder (which I’m not unfortunately) early access started last week but I’m definitely going to be checking out all of the steals which go on sale today!

I’ve been trialling a few work-lunch recipes & this Healthy Chicken Taco Salad is already a new favourite. It’s crazy easy to make as well & really just needs a little bit of assembling the night before & a little bit of slicing just before eating.

A funny comic interpretation of the differences between living in New York & living in San Francisco.

Here’s how to get perfect makeup every single time! It’s seriously easy & will give you amazing results!

Want to spice up your breakfast oatmeal? Check out these fantastic topping ideas! Personally I love having my porridge with sliced banana & brown sugar. Classic but delicious!