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One of my life mottos has always been to add a little more sparkle! I wanted to talk today about what that really means to me so get ready for a bit of a life update…

Lilac Lover 2When I first started my blog, I knew I wanted to show the world my favourite fashion finds & beauty tips as well as finding a place to put up the photographs I’d collected from holidays & events. But I realized about a year ago that I didn’t have a cohesive reason for writing my blog. I also felt that my life wasn’t going in the right direction or at least the direction that I wanted it to go in. I was working in a job that didn’t tick a hell of a lot of boxes for me & my career was going on a trajectory that I’d never imagined. I’d always thought I would end up working in music but there I was in an office (& to be honest, a pretty bland one at that) working on television ratings.

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It was time for a change. Now anyone who knows me knows that when I need to shake up my life the first thing to change is my hair colour. So I went from my dark blonde shade to a rich chocolate brown, as you can see below.

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 Then a few things happened at once. I applied for a new role at a television network & got it! All of a sudden my whole career was changing. Whilst I’ll be the first to say ‘I love TV!’ I never once thought I’d be working in the industry. But after two & a half years looking at television ratings I realized it would be silly to change careers now, especially when there was so much more of the industry to be discovered.

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What also happened around this time was that the band that I’d been managing, writing songs for, recording & playing gigs with kind of folded. It was a comedy of errors at the time with almost every member getting promotions in their day jobs & having to bow out due to work commitments. But it really felt like the sun was setting on an important part of my life (see what I did there with the photo above?) & I wasn’t sure how to move on.

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So I started shaking things up.  I was about to start a new job, my band had left me & I was kind of adrift. In regards to the band, I figured I could most definitely finish the album I’d started & release it & now it would be on my own terms, which was even better than before! I also started thinking about the things that make me happy & I came up with a list of them. You can see that whole post here & here. I realized I wanted my life to have more ‘sparkle’. Now, this doesn’t necessarily just mean more glitter (although who doesn’t love glitter?). It kind of encompasses a whole heap of things for me. It’s taking notice of the little things (a beautiful sunrise or sunset, fresh flowers, new shows), it’s making the basic things more luxurious, focusing on the positive & taking better care of myself (because when you’re healthy, you’re happy).

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Now for those smart bunnies who’ve been following along, you might have realized I’ve changed my hair colour again – this time going for a Donna Paulsen-worthy red. You know what this means – time for another change. Like it’s happened to so many other millions of people before me, my new job turned out not to be all that I’d wished for. So off on the hunt I went again & I’ve found something new. After three years of working in television, first in ratings & then at a network, I’m moving into the exciting world of television advertising. It’s a whole new world.


I wanted to write this post to remind me & my readers of why I write this blog. I write it to inspire myself & others to add  ‘more’ to their lives. More joy, more happiness, more sparkle. Noticing the little things everyday that make you happy or that make you smile. Inspiring those out there who aren’t sure if they’re comfortably trying out a red lipstick to just go for it! You only get one life. Make it your best!

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With Love & Sparkles