Going Bush, Yarrabin, O’Connell

Yarrabin 1

{The adorable sign at the railway platform}

Recently my family and I travelled west, across the Blue Mountains for a week in the country. There is something so unbelievably refreshing about the Australian bush with it’s beautiful wildflowers, rolling hills and gum forests. We spent the week at Yarrabin Holiday Ranch (‘Yarrabin’ means ‘Ghost Gums’ in the local Aboriginal language), a holiday ranch very similar to the dude ranches in America. I’ve been an avid horserider for years and Yarrabin was a place where we could escape to the country, ride along trails and through paddocks and just generally unwind for a week. This is the first part of a photo diary of my stay at Yarrabin and I hope to inspire you all to either drive over the mountains to the cosy town of O’Connell or fly to Australia and get a real taste of the country life.

Yarrabin 2

{The train line stretched away behind us looking very different to the platform back in Sydney!}

Yarrabin 3

{An old locomotive in it’s own little shed at Bathurst train station}

Yarrabin 4

{A typical example of Australian bush architecture complete with corrugated metal roof and a front veranda}

Yarrabin 5

{A date on one of Bathurst’s buildings. It was built 100 years after the First Fleet arrived in Australia in 1788 which is probably why they named it Centennial Terrace}

Yarrabin 6

{Beautiful wildflowers outside our unit at Yarrabin}

Yarrabin 7

{The view from our unit – Yarrabin really is nestled right in the bush!}

Yarrabin 8

{A new furry friend who went by the name of Tom}

Yarrabin 9

{An old bench is the perfect place to put up your boots on a sunny country afternoon}

Yarrabin 10

{How stunning is this wisteria?! Apparently a couple of days before we arrived there were no flowers anywhere then boom! Flowers everywhere! The scent on the deck was heavenly}

Yarrabin 11

{Wandering through the forest we managed to find a few kangaroos including this cute little family. If you look right in the centre of the photograph you’ll see the two adult kangaroos and next to them on their left is their baby joey. Too sweet!}

Yarrabin 12

{Every second view around these parts is absolutely stunning like this one. The rolling hills covered in forests and paddocks are just so peaceful and perfect}

Yarrabin 14

{It was seriously cold on the first morning, in fact, if you look closely you can see the breaths of these friendly cows we came across!}

Yarrabin 15

{How cool is this?! I was assured no animals were harmed, these skulls were found out in the paddocks}

Yarrabin 16

{How beautiful is the sun poking through the leaf canopy?}

Yarrabin 17

{An old house out in the  bush where we’d go for barbecue dinners under the stars}