Hair Transformations

Hair is one of those things that we intrinsically link to our sense of self. If we’re having a bad day our hair is generally pulled back into a ponytail with no care at all. Likewise, if we are super excited about an event or date then we always take the time (sometimes hours!) to make sure it looks absolutely pristine. In all my 24 years I have had so many different hairstyles and colours. Since I’ve recently coloured it darker I thought I’d do a retrospective of sorts to give you an example of how much chops and colours one head of hair can survive!

Here is a collage of my first few forays into the world of hair transformation. The top left picture is what my original virgin hair looked like at the tender age of 16 (this picture was in fact taken right before my Year 11 formal when I’d gotten it specially blow-dried). This pretty quickly changed once I reached the end of Year 12. I’d had long hair for years and years through school and it was time for a drastic change. Off it went! And I dyed it much darker to a chocolate brown (as you can see in the delightfully judgmental picture of me watching a band play that I’m clearly not too impressed by). After I had my year of trying to look like a brunette Edie Sedgwick and Keith Richards circa 1972 (I’m not joking) I decided it was time to go long again. And red! I kept my crimson locks for about six months as they were such hard work to maintain – I was dying my hair sometimes every fortnight, although that being said, I became really good at doing it. After the red I went dark again for about six months before going blonde.

That’s right, blonde. I literally went from dark brown to red to dark brown to blonde in the space of about two years. And my hair didn’t fall out. Phew!

I’m not going to lie and say that the blonde stuck around. I think I dyed it blonde once more before finally giving up. My hair had the consistency of straw and I had decided that I wanted to grow it long again. I don’t heat-style it too often but the constant lightening and darkening was really taking it’s toll on my locks. I decided to just let it grow. It took on this funny two-tone look that I christened ‘default balayage’ and I was very lucky that it was still in vogue. But I’ve realized that I need a change very now and then. I always like to change up my looks whether it’s with a brand new lipstick or a new pair of shoes. A new look is something I find incredibly exciting.

I can’t bear sticking with the same old, same old.  I love to shake things up and try on a different look. I especially love this deep, rich chocolate brown (ask for a ‘mocha’ shade from your hairdresser if you’re interested in taking the plunge). Even if you just go with a semi-permanent that eventually washes out I think a change is good. What have you got to lose? Take a risk! I’m sure you’ll love it.