Lakeside Wanderings, Mayfield Garden, Oberon

Mayfield 14

{The island with trees looking back from the waterfall – you can also see the obelisk on the left as well as stunning blue irises on the right}

Here are a few more photographs from Mayfield Garden. Everything was just so spectacular and beautiful, I couldn’t resist snapping pictures away left, right and centre!

Mayfield 17

{Walking along further is yet another lake with this adorable bright red bridge and more flowers than you could count!}

Mayfield 18

{Then we came across this tree made entirely of copper. It acted as a fountain with water droplets falling from it’s metal leaves which sounded exactly like rain}

Mayfield 19

{A stunning blue stone bridge perfectly reflected in the lake}

Mayfield 20

{Another Asian-inspired bridge and gazebo with an even larger lake filled with ducks}

Mayfield 21

{The house where the owners and creators of Mayfield Garden live – pretty darn fancy!}

Mayfield 22

{A lovely sun-filled place to sit and take in the beauty of the Water Garden}

Mayfield 16

{Breathtaking colours and flowers are literally everywhere and, once the garden continues to mature, it will be even prettier}

Mayfield 24

{Another view from the top of the blue stone bridge of the Water Garden and the obelisk}

Mayfield 25

{Adorable mini-boardwalks lead you out of the garden}

Mayfield Garden is at 530 Mayfield Road, Oberon, New South Wales and is definitely worth the visit if you’re in the area. It’s already gorgeous now (and it’s only just opened!) and I’m sure as the plants and trees continue to grow it will become even more beautiful. It was a lovely side trip from our horse riding adventures at Yarrabin and we’ve even made plans to come back to Yarrabin and Mayfield Garden this time next year so we can see how it’s changed.