Life Right Now…

I know, I know, it’s been forever since I’ve posted! But things have been so crazy busy at home and at work – I feel like I never get 10 minutes downtime sometimes! But I thought I’d do a quick post on what’s been going on in my life (in case any of you were wondering!). Plus I promise there’ll be new posts soon – as well as a super special (and secret) big project that I’m working on!

Last week we went to Buon Ricordo to celebrate the Boss Man’s birthday. I’d never been and was so looking forward to a big Italian feast – and I was definitely not disappointed! We started with gamberetti, a delicious dish of lightly floured and fried shrimp with a chilli oil sauce, and cured Hiramasa kingfish with candied orange and Campari crystals – both were so amazing! The gamberetti was beautiful and crisp, and the chilli sauce had a real kick to it, while the kingfish crudo was delightfully refreshing and flavourful. For main course, I had veal stuffed with spinach and ricotta – unbelievably delicious and mouthwateringly tender. Then for dessert I had the above – chocolate mousse. It was beautiful and rich, but I couldn’t finish it! Too much good food!

We ventured out to the Enmore Theatre for a live session with my favourite podcast – My Favorite Murder! If you’re a big fan of true crime and comedy (trust me, they go hand in hand), then you have to listen – it’s hilarious! And also shocking, but still super funny! The show itself was amazing. After listening to the podcast for over a year now, it was beyond to see the hosts, Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, right there in person!

I’ve pulled all of my Spring and Summer clothes out and, as if by magic, we’re now getting beautifully warm, hot sunny days! It’s so nice to finally be in short sleeves, breezy dresses and sandals instead of boots! I wore these Valentino Rockstuds for the first time since last summer ( I think since my birthday when I wore them!) when we went to dinner last week.


That’s all for right now, but hopefully I’ll have a new post for you soon!