Native Blossoms & Gumtree Avenues, Mayfield Gardens, Oberon

Mayfield 1

{The sign at the front of Mayfield Garden}

Okay so I know I’ve been bombarding you all with photographs lately but I couldn’t end my posts about my country holiday without showing you Mayfield Garden. This place isĀ insane. Seriously. It is this huge garden out in the country (near Oberon) where this family has created an incredibly beautiful oasis called The Water Garden. And it’s immense. There’s six acres of the Water Garden and 27 (yep 27) gardeners hired to maintain it! It’s only just opened up but it’s now open seven days a week and I would definitely recommend checking it out. It’s literally mind blowing. I haven’t seen or heard of anything like this outside the palatial gardens of Europe. This is a must-see!

Mayfield 2

{A stunning avenue of native trees leads you down a lane to the Water Garden}

Mayfield 3

{Upon entering the Water Garden there is a perfectly circular lake with an obelisk in the centre}

Mayfield 4

{With ducks!}

Mayfield 5

{Opposite the obelisk lake is this waterfall}

Mayfield 6

{We were there at the perfect time – flowers everywhere!}

Mayfield 7

{These flowerbeds will be beautiful once everything has grown in, but even now there is such vibrant colours!}

Mayfield 8

{After the obelisk lake and the waterfall you walk around a bend to see this! Amazing!}

Mayfield 9

{Stunning trees and plants are everywhere you look}

Mayfield 10

{Another large lake filled with frogs (we couldn’t see them but we heard them!) and ducks with a waterfall at the back}

Mayfield 12

{Stunning white blossoms dotted here and there with hot pink!}

Mayfield 13

{The second amazing waterfall. All of the stones you see were quarried in the area}