Palm Lined Sunsets & Lobster Lunches, Phuket

Phuket 14

While we’re in Phuket, we always make an effort to take the twenty minute drive down south to Rawai Beach. It’s where all of the fishing boats come in and down one side of the main road are market stalls full to bursting with fresh fish, prawns, crabs and lobsters. On the other side of the road are restaurants. You buy your fish from the markets then cross the road for the restaurant to cook it for you! It’s such a brilliant system and we love it! This time around we bought a red snapper, prawns and a lobster and boy, was it tasty! The other great thing about Rawai is the multitude of little shops and stalls selling jewellery, pearls, seashells and other pretty souvenirs. Some of the shells are magnificent but this time around I picked up some strands of pearls –  I have a little creative idea I’m working on at the moment, I’ll keep you up to date on it, don’t you worry…

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