Paradise Road

Paradise Road 1

{Dress: Sportsgirl, Bikini: Freya, Sandals: J. Crew, Hat: Bondi Beach Bag Co., Sunglasses: Ray Ban, Turquoise Necklace: bought at the Rawai Pearl Markets, Lipstick: Dior Addict ‘Lucky’}

This the front drive of our resort, Kata Beach Resort & Spa, and I loved the amazingly architectural palm tree. When we were here last year I knew that next time I would have to take some photos with it since it’s so magnificent. It really is paradise here. The weather is absolutely beautiful every day, the smell of incense permeates the whole island and the people are amazingly kind and helpful. As well, it’s pretty much de rigeur to wander about in a swimsuit!

Paradise Road 2

Paradise Road 3

Paradise Road 4

Paradise Road 5

  • Sarah White

    That dress is so adorable! How long ago did you get it? Is it still in stores?

    • Lou Tiger

      Thanks Sarah! Unfortunately I got the dress quite a few year’s back. But you can find tons of cute one-shoulder dresses at ASOS. This one is really cute!