Parmesan Chicken Bake


I absolutely love a good casserole. There’s something so satisfying about throwing a whole heap of ingredients into a dish & baking it for a good hour. It’s so stress-free & easy! That’s why I love this parmesan chicken bake. There’s absolutely no pre-cooking before it goes in the oven (not the chicken or the quinoa!), it’s really delicious & it’s healthy! Now, for some reason the chicken breasts you can get in Australia look like they’re from pterodactyls so instead of using 6 chicken breasts (as the recipe down below suggests) I only used 3 & cut them in half. Feel free to do it either way! But seriously, the only prep you have to do is dice 1/2 an onion, a capsicum & some mushrooms & grate the parmesan. That’s it! Unless of course you want to make the pasta sauce – but sometimes, you just gotta spend a little less time in the kitchen & buy it readymade (no judging here!). I hope you all enjoy this recipe as much as my family & I did. It serves 6 or 1 person with 5 leftover lunch #lunchaldesko = done.