Play Ball

So if you haven’t heard yet (I’ve only been posting it all over Instagram) I joined an all-women baseball team! Pretty cool right?! My friend & I decided we wanted to play ball & started looking around for a team. Now, baseball is unfortunately not that popular in Australia (which totally sucks!) but we managed to find a league that would take two new rookies & now we are happily playing for the Devils. It’s super fun & so far Sydney has been serving up some beautifully sunny, warm Autumn days for our games which is great – although I know it’s going to get cold out on the diamond soon. I don’t know which fielding position I like the best – I’m still waiting on my prescription sunglasses to arrive so hopefully my depth perception gets better – but I know I love to bat! Even though I’m right-handed, I bat left-handed which is kind of funny but is a pretty good advantage in a baseball game! I’ll keep you posted with how the team goes over the season…

{Top: Petit Bateau, Jeans: Topshop, Booties: Nine West, Bag: Kate Spade, Cap: J. Crew, Watch: Kate Spade, Sunglasses: Ray Ban}

Why You Need A Bright Baseball Cap:

Personally I love a good hat. They’re sometimes the perfect topper to an otherwise plain outfit. A baseball cap is so classic & timeless. It’s sporty without being overly so & preppy without looking like you’re trying too hard. Plus for pale girls out there like me, it’s the ideal piece to keep the sun off your face. I always end up buying one when I go on holidays (especially in the States) & my favourite one is a white Chicago cap. This one was found at J. Crew & is the best shade of red around!