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If you're still curious about me, I've put together a little Q&A for you all! Feel free to send me an email with any other questions you might have at any time at lucienneoconnor@gmail.com

Who Am I & Where Do I Live:

I'm Lucie and I'm living in Sydney, Australia.

What Was The Inspiration For Starting My Blog:

I wanted to create an online diary, a way for me to record my achievements and start a place to collect my passions - my music, articles and style! You can find my music here if you're interested. I no longer play in a band, but I'm still recording!

What's my side hustle (when it's not writing articles here!):

I consider myself a super creative person and I work in the music industry in Sydney. I'm a songwriter in my spare time and I'm hoping to release my first album soon, so watch this space for more information. You can find out more about my music, as well as listen to my songs here. I also love to write and have written a couple of young adult novels, you can find them here.

What Did I Study:

I went to JMC Academy, a private college in Sydney that specialises in music, and did a Bachelor of Music: Contemporary Music and Performance, followed by a Diploma of Entertainment Business Management.

Who Takes My Photos & What Type of Camera Do I Use:

I'm totally okay to admit that my mum usually takes my outfit photos! She has a pretty great eye for catching the light and framing the picture. All other photos are taken by me. We use a Sony Alpha A6300 with a 1.8 f-stop lens.

How Tall Am I:


Flats or Heels:

I'm 5'3. Nine times out of ten, it's heels.

What Inspires Me:

I'm constantly getting inspired by everything! I'm in love with the 1960s and 1970s - music, style, all of it! But on a deeper level, I love the idea of progress not perfection and even though I'm working towards the perfect work-life balance, I know every achievement is an amazing achievement! It's all about the journey, not the destination and the experiences you have on that journey is definitely what inspires me.

Do I Offer Advertising & Sponsorship Packages:

Sure do! Shoot me an email at lucienneoconnor@gmail.com and I can happily send you my media kit. Unfortunately I can't respond to emails of a super personal nature or I'd be at it all day!

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