Spring/Summer 2018’s Most Wearable Trends


Florals, Lace, Ruffles - Modern Romance

The runways recently hosted the Spring/Summer 2019 looks and this was definitely a (gorgeous) standout. There were ruffles galore, lace and beautiful flowing florals - the best, in my opinion, coming from home-grown Australian label, Zimmerman like this dress to the left.

Here are some of my favourite picks:


Shine Bright Like a Diamond - Sequins

Just like Altuzarra to the left, sequins are back in a BIG WAY (all caps 100%). And not only are they back, they're back for daywear which is super exciting. When picking something glittery to wear during the day, the trick is to pair it back with something a little more understated - think a sequinned skirt with a sweater or a sparkly jacket with a t-shirt and jeans.

Here are my favourite sequinned pieces:

high waist

When Chanel Goes High, We Follow - High Waisted Everything

Ah, one of the most figure-flattering trends in existence - the high waist. They can whittle waists, create curves, lengthen legs, is there anything they can't do?! Far more timeless and fashionable than the low-riders of the early 2000's, get yourself into high waisted anything and strut your stuff!

Here are my high waisted favourites:

trench dress

If It's Good Enough For HRH Meghan Markle... - Trench Dresses

Is it just me or are trench coat/dress hybrids popping up on every runway and stylish woman around? I feel like the ever-fashionable MM has worn at least 3 different trench dresses lately. And it's plain to see why, (check out the Osman version to the left!) with a v-neckline, a built-in slit and a cinched waist, the trench dress is one of the most flattering looks around!

Shop these to get the look:


Move Over Millennial Pink - Lavender

Ladies, it's time to give the Millennial Pink a rest. It had it's beautiful moment but let's now give rise to the next colour we should be fawning over - soft lavender, just like this stunning Delpozo creation to the left. Depending on the shade you choose, lavender can look gorgeous on just about everyone! Worried it'll wash you out? Go for lavender on your bottom half instead or even just accessorise with it!

Here's my lavender loves: