The Cuban Place


Warning: The Cuban Place is about to be your number one favourite restaurant in Sydney.

We decided to go to The Cuban place this week for the Bossman’s birthday & we honestly couldn’t have been more pleased. The restaurant is tucked away behind the QVB in the city but once inside you’ll realize it’s almost cavernously huge! There are different areas of dining – booths, high tables, a bar downstairs – & the staff expertly place you in a location that suits. Despite being so big, it’s not really noisy which is also fantastic (I don’t know about you but I absolutely hate being somewhere you have to shout just to be heard above the din!). So we sat down & ordered a round of cocktails for the table. Mojitos of course!


The cocktail list is rather long (always good) & detailed (definitely a plus in my books) so  you know exactly what you’re getting. I started with the spiced mojito made with Captain Morgan’s spiced rum & it was delicious! Perfectly crisp with a beautifully spicy aftertaste. I also tried Tommy’s Margarita which was fairly adequate as far as margaritas go & the Havana mojito which is just a classic, single-shot mojito.


Next it was onto the more exciting part of the menu. What to eat! While The Cuban Place does have a very reasonably priced tasting menu, we decided on creating our own! We stuck to the small plates section of the menu & ordered what turned out to be a perfectly satisfying selection!


Grilled corn cobs with jalapeno aioli & Cuban special sauce. Absolutely delicious. Prepare to smear sauce all over your mouth in the best possible way & to lick your fingers after each bite. This dish was surprisingly one of my favourites!


Chicken tacos. These were the most perfect blend of flavours. The chilli was hot but the sour cream, soft tortilla & delicious chicken evened them out perfectly. I would be hard-pressed not to choose these again!


The mojito ceviche. Stunning in it’s delicate blend of flavours with lime juice, rum & chilli. A perfect palette cleanser & an all-round beautiful dish.


Albondigas Cubanas. Pork and beef meatballs in a flavourful tomato based sauce. These were scrumptious & the soft, fluffy bread roll was the perfect thing for mopping up the sauce afterwards!


Finally, deep fried plantains  with house-made guacamole. This was another favourite of mine! The guacamole was classic & perfect & the plantains were crispy & crunchy making for a beautiful mix of flavours.


Well. After all of that food we realized we were missing something on the menu. That’s right, dessert. So after a quick perusal we decided to just go the whole hog. One of each with three spoons to share!


The first was classic Cuban churros with salted caramel at one end & melted chocolate at the other. Absolutely divine  & fingerlicking deliciousness!


A banana pudding with lime-coconut cream. I was worried this would be just banana bread in pudding form but I was wrong. This was a delicious, fruity concoction & the perfect foil to the other two desserts.


Apologies for the slightly blurry photo! I had to get one in fast because everyone wanted a bite of this one first! In the centre a beautiful, rich coffee/chocolate mousse with salted caramel ice cream & a soft peanut roll. This was undoubtedly my favourite dessert, hands down. The best technique? Get a spoonful of the mousse, put some cream on it then the peanut on top. All in the one bite. Dessert perfection.


If you’re in Sydney, then I would most definitely suggest you head right on over to The Cuban Place pronto to get yourselves a taste of Havana. You most definitely won’t regret it. ¡Vamos muchachas!